Thank You as we Celebrate Two Years

by Chad Nutsch on November 22, 2019


Today is two years since the official launch of HERA | HERO.

It’s not a Congratulations to us, it's a THANK YOU to you. Over 3 years ago, when the research and development team started on designing and implementing ‘aesthetic tapered’ that fits into each type of activewear, our nameless goal was to offer a fit, a style, and a quality that all fitness enthusiasts deserved. Once we were confident with our research and development, we aligned our goals hoping to impact, inspire, and contribute to fitness enthusiasts all over the world, that would start with a proper name. There, HERA | HERO was born.

Little did I know that the goal to impact OTHERS would return in my favor personally—more than I could have ever imagined. We were named the fastest geographically growing activewear company in 2018, reaching 90 countries in just one year. WOW. I am still mind-boggled and forever grateful.

With that said, HERA | HERO has given me a gift much larger than I’d ever imagined. The gift to be able to meet thousands of you from all over the world, both in-person and online. Meeting individuals of different cultures, engaging in life-changing conversations, customers that lead to friendships, the brand support, the personal support, and our thousands of amazing ambassadors… all of which has led to a world-wide FAMILY! These experiences and these 2 years have forever changed my life. I have learned more from my HERA | HERO journey as CEO than I have ever learned in any period of my life.

Thank you to my partners, former partners, employees, former employees, our ambassadors, fans, supporters, and customers.

Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of you.


Each of you has played integral roles in starting, creating, launching, and making history with HERA | HERO.

Chad Nutsch
CEO, Founder