Women's 16" Rose Gold HERA Pendant

Ladies, complement your HERA items with a statement bling that brings out your identity.

Our Women's Micro Pendant is our feminine take on the original HERO Pendants, specially designed for ladies who balance boldness and subtlety.

Go for modern posh in rose gold.

  • VPD Plating Technology (Highest Quality)
  • Plated on pure Stainless Steel 
  • Double Plating 
  • Non Fade, Crack, Tarnish or Color change
  • Authentic Laser Stamped Clasps 
  • Quality Guaranteed 

Designed for a woman, by a woman.


Chain: Micro Cuban

Chain Length: 16"


    Always remove jewelry before swimming, bathing, or any household chores and also while using corrosive cleaners.

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